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Gant Szom-Hor kft.

Members of the Cluster

János Bene Gloves and Leather Apparel

Our company was established by the one-time professionals of the old Pécs Glove and Leather-industry Cooperative after it ceased to exist. Our goal is to preserve the essence of gloves production by our great professionals. Our company manufactures sports, industrial and fashion gloves. Our production is mainly targeted at foreign customers, but also looking forward to receive individual requests by domestic customers as well.

Dekorsprint Commercial Printing house:

Design and implementation of printing and decorative products in both small and large printruns. Our printing services include a book-binding facility as well. Due to our creativity and by meeting individual demands, we offer a wide range of unique gifts to companies and private customers alike.

Gyula Eötvös

I have been working in this business since 1959, and I founded an independent company in1987. My current company has been operating since 2010, and specialized solely on producing handmade peccary gloves.

Gant Pécs Glove Ltd.

Established in 1993, this company is operating as a family business. Even at the onset professionals with decades of experience made sure that the best quality gloves were prepared at us. The main objectives of the company is to produce superior Pécs leather gloves without any compromise, based on the best practices of traditional technology of the 150-year-old Pécs glove manufacturing providing the highest quality even today. Using the velvety basic materials of Pittards , the leading English  glove-leather manufacturer, we produce a most colourful collection. The company sells its products in Hungary as well as in the neighbouring countries under the brand name same as the company name. Due to our guarantees, our web-shop, offering our whole product range, provides risk-free purchase to a wider range of customers.

Handtex Ltd.

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Ilzsu Ltd.

We have been dealing with the production of glove liners and fashion, hunting and protective gloves since 1993.

Mestrade Ltd.

Our company was established in 1998. Currently we have four employees. Our scope of activities includes the production and repair of cutting knives and perforating tools for leather and textile producers and printing businesses.

Our partners include:
Pécsi Kesztyű Cluster
Hestra Hungary Ltd.
Manifaktor Ltd.
OK Hungarian Glove Manufacturer and Trading CC.

Szomor- Hornicz Glove Manufacturer and Trading Company

Szom-Hor Glove Manufacturer was established in 1994. It has two owners who risked everything in order to set up the factory.
Due to the hard work of the excellent professionals the company has developed from year to year, and been present at more and more markets.
By now it has become a family business, where the youthful attitude opened new perspective to the company. As a permanent participant of international fashion exhibitions, we are venturing into new areas with our bold collections.
In order to reach domestic customers, our web store offers a wide range of products.
The primary objective is to combine high quality and fashion at an affordable price.

South-Transdanubian Tourism Non-profit Ltd.

The company was established in 1997 by the county capitals, the county governments, and the chambers of commerce and industry of the region together with the University of Pécs. Its members currently include Hungarian Products Non-profit Ltd., the County Enterprise-Development Foundation and the Association of and the South Transdanubian Health and Thermal Spas. The company is aiming at managing local economic-development projects in the incubation period, which positively influence tourism development in the region.