On Gloves Manufacturing - 
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On Gloves Manufacturing

János Hamerli received business license for the production of gloves and trusses in Pécs in 1861. With careful hard work he made outstanding gloves from the self-produced, high-quality leathers. The ever-growing glove-manufacturing plant moved step by step to the valley of the Tettye brook during 1877. Due to the consequent hard work of the founder and his children, by the beginning of the 20th century the once small workshop manufacturing gloves developed into a modern factory.
On the area of the glove factory in the former Lower Puturla (now Vince) Street the family achieved a major modernization during the early twentieth century. The opening ceremony of the plant completed by the improvements took place on 24 February 1903.

The glove factory had its heyday in the 1930s. The secret of their success lay in the high-quality of their products. Of course, it also required a good business sense, continuous monitoring of the demand and meeting it even in case of small-scale orders. The recognition gained both at domestic and international exhibitions provided a guarantee to the brand. The name became well-known from New York to Hong Kong, from Oslo to Melbourne.
Even today, the process of glove manufacturing is based on traditional manual labour. Its toolkit is still the same. The order of work stages and the nature of manual work are basically the same as they used to be one and a half centuries ago. It also contributes to the fact that Pécs Gloves are still the same quality products as they were in 1861. However, the factory's founder was keen to develop the technology from the outset using the latest manufacturing techniques. In Hungary he was the first to implement the revolutionary glove-making machines, the presses and the glove-sewing machines, which produced thousands of precisely tailored and perfectly hand-fitting gloves.
Gloves are considered important accessories to the actual wear, thus their material, colour, shape, and decoration have followed the change of garments habits and fashion since ancient times. During its existence the Gloves Factory offered countless fashionable models to its customers. The female family members also took part in the design contributing to the success of their products. The store of the glove factory initially, in King Street, and later on Széchenyi Square, at the city hall, was waiting for customers.

Between 1861 and 1948, the glove factory mainly dealt with manufacturing gloves and leather for gloves. Besides fashion, sports and military gloves a small number of trusses were made here, too. In the 1930s a high number of locally designed fashion gloves were sold for domestic and foreign customers. During the over 88 years of existence of the factory nearly four and a half million pairs of gloves made in the Pécs and rural production units. The products were offered in their own retail stores in Pécs, Budapest, Debrecen, Kosice and Cluj.
The first glove store in Pécs was opened by the founding family in the building of the town hall in 1862. After 1880, the same store was found in a Király-Street house. In 1931 there was an opportunity to open a new shop in the city's main square. A large stock was held in their stores, and, in fact, minor repair works were undertaken, too.
Due to the nationalization carried out on 26 March 1948 the family’s ownership in the glove factory was eliminated. In the period between 1960 and 1989, when the factory was a state property, many improvements were implemented: new operating units (Dombóvár, Siklos, etc.), and stores were established, and the era was characterized by the development of wide range of models, the manufacture of world-class sports gloves and leather garments. By surveying the many different market needs in some countries, and customer lifestyles, and glove using habits, the factory was able to produce the right products to the relevant market and thereby build cross-continental trade relations. During these three decades, more than 26,000 models were designed in Pécs! Pécs gloves were sold by such well-known companies, like Pierre Cardin, Christian Dior, both in Europe and America.

Initially, the official name of Pécs Glove Factory gave no indication to the an enlarged, wide choice of goods. HUNOR as a brand name was conceived by János Déri, after taking many aspects into account. In 1982, the Ministry of Industry approved the new company name which from then on became HUNOR Pécs Glove Leather and Garment Company. The National Office of Inventions also registered the HUNOR name and logo. This was the first trademark of the glove factory after the nationalization, and it became well-known due to a very successful series of TV commercials. Many people still remember the slogan: "These are all and all Pécs gloves, Pécs gloves!" By continuing the famous series of commercials HUNOR brand name was successfully linked with the concept of "Pécs gloves" as well. This is how the one-time famous "Hamerli gloves" became "Pécs Gloves" and the present producers of these products hope that by possessing a rich tradition, their excellent products shall impress the customers.
/Compiled by Éva Gál, chief curator (Janus Pannonius Museum), based on the glove-trade historical works of János Déri  /