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Pécs Gloves

Domestic manufacturers apply a typical manufacturing technology. A special feature of this is desktop tailoring, giving a unique and accurate sizing of the gloves, which provides that none of the products goes away after long-term wear.
Most products are made of lamb nappa leather, which gives an elegant appearance to the products.

In the case of leather gloves, buyers take two important factors into account. One is that the gloves should warm your hand, and the other is to be fashionable.
The warmest products are made of fur or with fur lining, which may be of either rabbit or lamb. Taking the domestic climate into consideration, 100% wool and cashmere linings are the most convenient. In the early spring and late autumn weather you can wear gloves with silk lining or the ones less sensitive to chilly weather unlined gloves. For warmer weather, for driving a car or riding a horse, unlined products are recommended.

Our assortment includes some special products as well. For example, the gloves made of peccary leather. It is the skin of a hog native of South America, with a special pattern given by hair follicles of the animal. Furthermore, it is a thicker material which is nevertheless elastic and has soft feel.

We await you with a wide selection and affordable prices at the Pécs Gloves Brand Shop.